Romanian art: trends and currents

23/09/2022 7:00 pm, Online

The auction with which we are debuting in the autumn season of 2022 - the third year since the Vikart Auction House entered the Romanian genre market, entitled Romanian art: trends and currents is a true corollary of visual arts from us, happily illustrating the tendency of Romanian art towards synchronism, towards alignment with the great European currents that influenced the plastic art of the end of the 19th century, the 20th century as a whole and the first years of the third millennium (which promises to be one of searches and reinventions on all levels), but especially the syncretism of modern and contemporary Romanian creation, the subtle and constructive way in which the lots chosen for this auction merge currents of philosophical, religious, artistic thought.

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What exactly unites authors from very special times, through the challenges they put before the creators; the most diverse themes, from figurative works to abstract art; extremely different ways of artistic expression, of plastic rendering?!? We believe that the link that makes possible the joining of works by Sweitzer – Cumpăna, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Ion Irimescu, Henri Catargi, Paul Akerman, Rațiu, Marcel Iancu, Drăgan-Târgoviște, Marcel Guguianu, Harry Guttman, Manuell Mănăstireanu, Rodica Toth Poiată, Felix Aftene, Ion Pacea, Ligia Podorean-Ekström, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Mihai Sârbulescu, Vânătoru or Marin Sorescu, - and we stop here with the enumeration, although each of the authors and works in part compete for the overall picture -, reside precisely in this diversity that supports the idea of progress in art, expanding the horizons of creation, multiplying artistic possibilities, finding new ways to give new capabilities to the world, enriching genres, forms of expression of the creative self.

The present auction is practically a genuine one shorten of modern and contemporary Romanian art, proposing at small material values works that are of enormous value for the history of Romanian art, lots that, once entered into a collection, ennoble it. Two centuries of art are incorporated, dozens of artistic currents as in a kaleidoscope in which, this time, not the shards and beads of colored glass, but the paintings, graphics, watercolors or sculptures make up an image whose fascination cannot leave anyone indifferent beautiful lover!


Showing 1–16 of 121 results

  • Sale!
    Henri H. Masts

    1. At the fair

    Estimate:  400 500
  • Sale!
    Henri H. Masts

    2. The Lady with the Basket (1933)

    Estimate:  300 400
  • Henri H. Masts

    3. Landscape from Olt (1967)

    Awarded:  500
  • Sale!
    Henri H. Masts

    4. Aqueduct (1970)

    Estimate:  500 600
  • Sale!
    Henri H. Masts

    5. On Thoughts (1962)

    Estimate:  200 400
  • Henri H. Masts

    6. Nude on the Couch (1935)

    Awarded:  400
  • Alexandru Ciucurencu

    7. Nude in the workshop

    Awarded:  250
  • Sale!
    Alexandru Ciucurencu

    8. Horse

    Estimate:  250 350
  • Sale!
    Ion Peace

    9. Land on May 2

    Estimate:  1.300 2.000
  • Ion Peace

    10. The yellow bowl

    Awarded:  1.700
  • Eva Deer

    11. Thinking

    Awarded:  300
  • Sale!
    Eva Deer

    12. To the Field (1963)

    Estimate:  250 350
  • Manuell Mănăstireanu

    13. Little girl with a red scarf - Tribute to Grigorescu

    Awarded:  1.500
  • Sale!
    Marin Gerasim

    14. The scholar's lectern (Homage to Coresi, 1988)

    Estimate:  1.500 2.000
  • Sale!
    Mihai Sârbulescu

    15. Bell (2009)

    Estimate:  500 700
  • Sale!
    Cristian Paraschiv

    16. Lathe III (1979)

    Estimate:  1.000 1.500